Real Stories of Veterans on Long Island

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Stephen Siwulec
Army Veteran, Nesconset

Stephen's Story

enter Stephen Siwulec is an Army Veteran and recent college graduate of LIU Post with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.  His father is a Vietnam Veteran.

go Hope For The Warriors® met Stephen while taking part in outreach events in Long Island.  Stephen joined the Army in 2003 as a combat military police officer. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2004 where he suffered from injuries.  In spite of those injuries, he deployed again, this time to Iraq in 2007.  Stephen had always planned to become a Police Officer but due to his injuries, that was no longer an option.  Instead, he became a security guard at the VA. After meeting Hope For The Warriors® staff, Stephen joined Team Hope For The Warriors® and started using running and biking as a very important part of both his physical and psychological recovery.

Stephen’s quote: “[Joining the Team] keeps me active and doing something that I wouldn’t normally do because of my injuries. It gets me motivated to become active.”

where to buy zyrtec Stephen has also worked closely with Hope For The Warriors® staff to determine a new future career for himself.  A few days ago, he graduated from LIU post as a criminal justice major. He is still determining his next step but has worked closely with staff to consider returning to college for his Masters in Social Work.

Hope for Warriors and the United Way of Long Island helped Stephen become active in his life again as a result of Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s support of United Way of Long Island’s Military Assistance program.

Fabrizio Bustos
Army Veteran, Oakdale

Fabrizio's Story

Fabrizio Bustos is a 10 year veteran of the United States Army. During that time he was deployed 3 times before medical issues brought him home to his family on Long Island. Like many veterans returning home from service Fabrizio found it difficult to find employment as he transitioned back into civilian life. Regardless of the vast knowledge and experience he gained in the Army the economic climate and the job market offered few leads for employment. It was then that Fabrizio heard about United Way of Long Island’s VetsBuild program from a family member. Eager to learn and return to the work force Fabrizio contacted United Veterans Beacon House where he began the interview and enrollment process for VetsBuild. He was accepted and quickly took to program graduation in February of 2014. A combination of the technological skills he learned in the Army and the connections he made in VetsBuild eventually landed Fabrizio a position as an IT Specialist with United Way of Long Island.

Donald Rader
Marine Corps Veteran, Farmingville

Donald's Story

Donald was recently honorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corp. and had difficulty readjusting back to live, after serving in Flushia, Iraq.  He was responsible for more than 40 marines and millions of dollars in assets.  It was difficult for him to readjust to civilian life, as he found that he had to start over.  While searching for answers, he found United Way’s agency partner, The United Veterans Beacon House in Bayshore, NY.  The agency was eager to help and immediately responded to Donald’s emergency needs for him and his family.  This path led Donald to find a job in construction and rebuild his life.